Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Supreme Court Justice Amy Conan Doyle Beret


People who know my passionate politics might expect me to speak against the nomination of Amy Coney and Carrots to the Supreme Court. But despite the pointed partisan political passions present in this Presidential election period nomination I think that when we're talking about something as essential as the process of naming a lifetime appointment to the highest court of our land, it is the right time to step back and be respectful, to honor the Constitutional process, and to weigh the candidate on his or her merits. 

I can't help that the Republicans have hypocritically made a hundred and eighty degree turn from their refusal to consider Barack Obama's final year nomination, but that doesn't mean I'm going to sit here measuring Amy James Comey Barrett against any standard other than whether or not she will be a capable judge. She is an individual person who is not responsible for the political decisions that have placed her in this position!  And so before I make any judgement on whether Judge Amy Conan O'Brien is suitable for the Supreme Court, I will look not to the political situation, but rather to Amy Coney Island's qualities as a judge, a lawyer, a professor, a legal scholar, and a person.

Unfortunately in attempting to research her character, scholarship, and Judicial rulings I was only able to find out information about red-headed talk-show hosts, controversial retired FBI heads, Historic Amusement Parks, Victorian mystery writers, and recipes for stewed rabbits.

So I will leave it at this:

As long as she agrees to recuse in any decisions concerning the upcoming election, and promises to step down immediately if Biden is elected, taking that as the wish of the people regarding her seat on the Supreme Court, then I am personally fine with the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett.

Wait, Amy Coney Barrett? That doesn't sound right. Who am I thinking of?

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