Thursday, October 29, 2020

Top ten reasons for this list


The Top Ten Reasons for this List


It's self evident! Or is it self referential? I forget the difference.


 Top ten lists used to rule a simpler, more innocent Internet, and we're trying to bring that happier time back. But unfortunately all the other top ten list subjects have been copyrighted.


  The reason is that I had an incredible idea for reason number eight. The rest is just filler.


 I'm still in shock over reason number eight. That can't be true can it? I was so excited to be reason number seven, and now it all just feels... pointless.


 Hi. I'm reason number six. I enjoy water polo, Greek Sculpture, and going out for French Fries. If you're interested in just talking about reasons for this list, or really anything, especially the 1960 Italian Water Polo team, in particular the great Giuseppe D'Altrui who I think is criminally underrated and was key to their astonishing gold medal run, drop me a line in the comments section. I know some great fry places, though most of them are pool snackbars, but they are still surprisingly good!


 Oh, me? Could you come back to reason number five later? I'm not quite ready. I'm preparing something really special. It's going to be great!


 The reason, um, the the reasonls, er, reason, sorry, the reason for this list, ahem, sorry- I'm really nervous- the reason is to, to give, um, to give you an in, an insight into how, or, I mean, the types of ways, really, that, shoot, I'm messing this up, aren't I? 


 Well, this is a farce, isn't it, and I refuse to take part! Reason 10: Self evident means inherently obvious, like this list being a farce is inherently obvious! And self referential means to say or write something about oneself! Reason 8: Get off your high horse! Reason 6: We're not here for the convenience of your social life! Reason 5: You are so full of it. The moment you finished I saw you sneak out the back of this list! And Reason 4: Just take a deep breath. You're doing fine. We're all friends here.


 Is "one" the best reason? Or is this a non ranked list. I mean, how good of a reason am I expected to be? Do I have to be better than reason nine, because nine was pretty impressive and if I have to be eight slots better I think I'd, wait. What? I'm on now? I'm live?


 Sorry  I'm late. Did I miss anything?

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