Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Back from Oz


I'm not trying to trick you.

I'm actually trying to do the opposite.

What is the opposite of tricking?


Maybe I've still got Halloween on the mind.

How about the opposite of tricking is...




All of which is...


On my morning walk there are no flowers left to photograph. And the brilliant leaves are off the trees. And the dead ones, those still left on the ground, are bleached and tired. The butterflies, every one, flew to Mexico. The bees hibernate. 

But look at that sky. Look at that tree against that sky. And the little berries?

It reminds me of a Van Gogh painting I saw once.

So I point my camera up, into the branches, and click.

And then I go home, and what the picture shows doesn't look anything like what it looked like in the world, the real world, where it was all cold, and three dimensional, and endless, and brilliant.

So I click my heels together three times.

A trick:

And we're home.

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