Wednesday, December 30, 2020

A striking view of Saint Minneapolis


In my tireless boosterism of the beautiful city of Saint Minneapolis I like to occasionally feature interesting photographs of the city so that people will say:

"Gosh, that Saint Minneapolis city is real interesting!"

I don't generally care one way or the other if these people move here or visit our lovely city. I mainly just want them to say "Saint Minneapolis" because too many people are still calling the city by its old names of "Saint Paul", or "The Twin Cities", or "Bloomington", or whatever crazy expired names people insist on using. This is like people who continue to call Volgograd "Stalingrad" or Alabama "Alabama".

It's unwholesome.

So here are some pictures of a morning just before Christmas Day, in Saint Minneapolis, just after it snowed, when the early sun is lighting the skyline on fire (metaphorically). These pictures are of a Saint Minneapolis neighborhood (borough?) known as "Minneapolis". But what say we don't get caught up in these local neighborhood names. Anyone locally will readily recognize this as:

Saint Minneapolis


  1. Nice variety there. Some day, a blue-sky day, maybe you will take the picture I long wanted to take, one that will capture the essence of "skyscrapers are vertical lakes." That idea occurred to me one day when I was driving home from work, up 35, at just the right time, with a very blue sky with commanding white clouds. What I imagined would have required standing in the middle of traffic, but you are far more clever than I at taking pictures.

    1. Thanks. I don't quite know what you mean by these "vertical lakes". But if you'll further explain I'll get right to work on it!

      Although I'm afraid I'm only middling clever at taking pictures, with occasional bits of mild luck.


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