Monday, December 7, 2020

All in a day's work


It's a pretty quiet day at the front desk of the library. I don't know if it's the season, or the infection and death toll in a Pandemic, or simply the grey weather, but at times I am entirely alone at the desk. After awhile a library patron comes in to pick up their books on hold. That's about all they can do these days.

"Hello." I say. "Welcome to the library."

They get their book and check it out.

"Goodbye." I say.

It's quiet for a bit. I read something on the Internet. Then someone else comes in.

"Good afternoon." I say.

They get their book. They check it out on one of the three self check kiosks.

"Have a good day." I suggest as they walk out.

Nothing happens for a long time. I look around. I think. I go for a brief stroll among our silent rows of requests. I stand at the desk.

Then someone comes into the library.

I spring into action!

"Hi." I say.

"Can I get my book?" They ask.

"Yes." I answer.

They get their book and check it out. They leave.

"Have a nice afternoon." I tell them as they go past.

I don't mean to brag, but

Man, I am just killing it today, killing it!



  1. Well...GOOD MORNING from a blog subscriber!!!!

    1. Whoa! This is exciting! A subscriber. Excellent

      Wait. Let me gather myself

      Okay. I'm ready.


      And a good afternoon to you!


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