Sunday, December 20, 2020

Crosby Farm Park

There is no accounting for place. And here in my beloved city of Saint Minneapolis there is one regional park I love above all the others: Crosby Farm Regional Park.

It was a farm in the 1800's. Owned by Crosby.

But enough history already! My god, all the history!!!

Why do I so love this park?

I don't know. 

Remember way back at the start of this post when I said "There is no accounting for place."? This is what I meant.

Crosby Farm Park is a mostly flat wild area along the Mississippi River. It's a bit swampy and there are a couple of wide, shallow lakes in the center of it. There are a variety of paths in the park, from paved ones to those of windy dirt. There are good woods in the park too. To be honest it's pretty typical of the area, especially all the wild areas along the Mississippi River around here and in its local flood plains. I just... like this area a tiny bit better. It seems prettier. There's always a little extra magic for me in it. 

Prepare for a lot of pictures today.

I have already talked briefly about a long bike trip I took down to Crosby Park last week, and I showed some graffiti pictures from that trip, and also a picture of a notable tree in the park. But today I will share the bulk of my photos from that journey, hoping that in the sheer volume of my photography I can convey a little of what feels so special to me about Crosby Park.

I will try to keep my commentary to a minimum, and I'm going to leave my pictures in the order they were taken. As a bonus I have been talking here a fair deal about my new electric bike, so you'll get to see a few pictures of its handsomeness in my photo-journal below:

These four pictures below warrant some comment. There was an area full of these luminescent white posts. I assume it's all part of some kind of reforestation project in the area, but I really don't know. I preferred to think of it as a Christo Installation.

End of Christo exhibit.

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  1. I like the Christo theory.
    40+ years in St. Paul, and I never visited Crosby Farm Park. Your pictures make me regret that very much. It's the downside of being such a lone wolf...I was always reluctant to explore any place that felt the least bit dangerous. That's true here in NH, too.


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