Friday, December 18, 2020

Graffiti under bridge


The first thing I found when, with the excuse of the Pandemic, I brought photography into this blog, was graffiti. But after a string of posts featuring some beautiful displays of graffiti on a train that was sitting on some tracks around here, and some interesting railroad yard graffiti, I moved on to pictures of other things; flowers, turkeys, flowers, butterflies, birds, flowers, and flowers. Some of that was out of interest, but some of it also had to do with not coming across a lot of graffiti where I was walking.

However, the other day, on a long ride on my new electric bike, where there were no flowers or turkeys or flowers or butterflies or flowers, I came across a nice collection of graffiti way down under a high bridge over the Mississippi River. So I ran around taking pictures of what I could, hoping no one would steal my bike while I did it. I thought some of these graffiti pieces were terrific. And I tried not to get carried away with my post processing of the pictures, though I confess I might have a couple of times.

I'm not sure if I'm the only one around this blog with a graffiti interest, but if so, as the writer (and photographer) of clerkmanifesto, I have the inestimable pleasure of getting to share everything I think is wonderful with everybody and letting the chips fall where they may.

And so without further comment, I present the following graffiti from under a bridge:


  1. As I recall your early graffiti photos, and assuming your brain hasn't reorganized itself too much, I'd say the new camera has really upped your game. The one where a single stem angled across the graffiti stopped me in my scrolling. I don't know why the combination grabbed me like that. And I wouldn't see these images if it weren't for your work. Thank you.
    Graffiti here in Concord is pathetic to non-existent. All I can think of is a utility box of some sort where I cross a street; it has three sort of stick figures...and that's it. I'm sure it's very special to someone.

    1. Well thank you. It might be the new camera and also the open fields in front of these bridge foundations allowing for better vantage points than the narrow confines of railways. I'm glad you liked them. As to stems, I suppose in the summer these might have been far more difficult to photograph.

      If you sent some chocolates in the mail (there was no note but a telling location of origin) thank you so much. That was so very kind of you!

  2. Wuhtr, Hart, Groe, Therd, Bambi, Gnuts, Pets, Pablo, Souer, Short, Miles , Reptile


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