Tuesday, December 15, 2020

June and Jan

Let us call these co-workers of mine June and Jan.

I have worked with Jan way past a decade.

I have worked with June just a few years, but let me tell you, a mere week can feel pretty long for me working at the library, especially when the week is still going on.

This week is still going on.

And I am fairly well acquainted with June and Jan.

But all of the sudden, one day a couple months ago, to my utter chagrin, I called Jan June.

Arrrgghhhhhh! Why did I call Jan June!

I felt embarrassed.

Arrrggghhhhhh! Why did I feel embarrassed? I hate feeling embarrassed.

Jan said don't worry about it. June didn't say anything because she wasn't involved. After all I never ever called June Jan, only Jan June. But to my regret I did call Jan June.

I tried not to worry about it.

Now let me just step into this story to issue a warning. I know this sounds like it might be a funny story. It sounds like it will have a punch line. It sounds like all this Jan June June Jan stuff will lead to a tongue twistery extraordinary ending.


It really is just about how I called Jan June.

And then less than a week later I called Jan June again.





Why did I keep doing this? Also, to make it worse, even though in 15 years I didn't have the slightest problem with Jan's name, it now panics me. My mouth suddenly desperately wants to say June when my mind wants to say Jan. And between the two I hardly know who's Jan and who's June, unless, unfairly, but perhaps it's better than nothing, I am talking to June, whose name, for some reason, is perfectly clear to me. So clear that I use it for Jan. 

Which I did a third time a couple days ago.


Yes, I called Jan June again. 

But this time I was ready. I said "Jun... I mean Jan!"

I don't think she noticed.


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  1. I have a terrible time with names, especially with connecting them to the right people. I try not to say peoples' names because I'm afraid I'll get them wrong. Better to say nothing than to get it wrong. For the whole time I worked at a library, I'd check the "who'e working" list when I arrived. But mostly, I avoided saying names. Which meant I had little practice. Which meant I was even more likely to get names wrong.
    At least you keep trying!


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