Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Pet squirrel


We start with a picture:


I recently read an article about how in the 1800's squirrels were a popular pet. But they were also pets before and after that century. Did you know that both Warren Harding and Harry Truman had pet squirrels at the White House, and they were both named Pete! Pete the pet squirrel.

Do you see that picture of a squirrel we started with? I was busy taking pictures of bark during a short, misguided period awhile back where I was thinking of turning clerkmanifesto into a "Bark" Blog. This would be a blog that strictly showed pictures of tree bark. I was sure it would be my avenue to fame and riches, although in retrospect I can't for the life of me see why I thought that. Anyway, I was taking bark pictures and this squirrel showed up. 

Was he curious? 

He, and let's call him "Pete" (why not?), gave me a good, inquisitive, and not unfriendly look. A long, charming look.

So I took Pete's picture. 

It was, I'll admit, more fun than taking pictures of the bark.

I got the picture home and looked at it on the brilliant color and resolution of my computer screen, just as you may be viewing it now, and I thought:

"I could see having a squirrel pet!"

I mean, if my family were to get a pet we would definitely go cat.

But look at this guy! Just look at him!

Squirrel would easily be the second choice.

Although your rodent mileage may vary.


  1. I would be most jealous if you got a pet squirrel and named him Pete, but also happy for you. It would be a very top ten kind of life experiences. I had a friend named _____ Smith who lived in Hidden Hills, CA. Once in a while I would take the bus home with him. As soon as he got off, this squirrel would run to greet him and then follow him off, often by way of one tree to another.

    1. Whoa. Was it his squirrel? Why did the squirrel like him so much? As an indoor pet I hear that their little feet and hand claws are hard on the furniture. And of course nuts are frightfully expensive these days! But yeah, done right, top ten.

  2. I believe technically he was not his squirrel because he would not enter the house, but he loved him and waited for him every day at the bus stop. There must have been nuts involved! We have had a family of raccoons visit now and then; they come for the leftover cat food. I'm very fond of them, and would like very much to have one follow me around and share a meal. They are about 50 percent afraid of us when we watch them eat.


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