Saturday, December 5, 2020

Pictures of my damn trip!


Oh, sorry.

I meant to say:

Pictures of my dam trip.

I went to a dam. I didn't mean to. I was on an outing on my electric bike, and I was thinking I'd go down to the wilder parts of the river and take pictures of exotic animals, like, I don't know, muskrats? 

It's not usually up to me what they are.

Actually, it's never up to me what they are.

So I went biking along the river, going farther than I really ever would because the bike is electric, and... helps. So in this manner I went down to the far away part of the river.

I have an exploratory nature when I hike around and explore and walk and bike. It has gotten me into a few scrapes along the years, but here I am. This time there was a path that wasn't where I was planning to go, but I thought "Well, where does this go?"

It went up the river for awhile and then it just... ended.

There was a fence.

But there was a hole in the fence. A big one.

Don't you think that meant they wanted me to go through the hole?

I did.

There was an old dirt road there that took me down below the Ford Dam, something I'd seen a billion times from above, but never from below.

So I got off my bike and took these pictures:

I usually take pictures of turkeys and flowers and bees, and they're always really pretty. I wasn't sure how I felt about these damn pictures. I mean, these dam pictures.

Then I went up a very steep, very rough dirt road. I think, done properly, my bike could have made it, but I didn't do it properly and so halfway up the hill I panicked a little and hopped off. I pushed my bike to the top and there was a huge, abandoned industrial building up there. It was full of broken windows and graffiti.

So I took some pictures.

I was pretty sure a few of them were kind of good. 

But I didn't know which ones.

So here they are:

Then I got on my bike and there was a road there. It climbed up to the River Path. Which made the whole thing a shortcut.

I like shortcuts.

And I was cold.

So I went home.


  1. Back to your photographic roots, in a way, with bridges (and such) and graffiti. He who has eyes, let him see. And you do, so well.

  2. I agree, Library Logger. I say wowza to the damn/dam pictures.


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