Tuesday, June 29, 2021

Begging week: Day 2!



Today I am going to explain to you all about Begging Week here at Clerkmanifesto!

You will soon see what surprising benefits there are for you in Begging Week!

You will understand how Begging Week works. And you will know just exactly what this mysterious Begging Week really is.

There is a very helpful FAQ all about Begging Week, very entertaining really, over at 

I'd love it if you went there.

Actually, because it is Begging Week, I beg of you: Go there.

But, I can say here that Begging Week goes on for... 

Well that's in the FAQ.

Though at least I can tell you that the main point of each day of Begging Week is to...

Well that's actually in the FAQ too.


I don't want to pressure you. 

I'll tell you what. I'll just sit here on the sidewalk with my link, and you can avoid making eye contact with me.

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