Monday, June 14, 2021

Inches from a new name


There is news to report in the development of my new website, known here, temporarily, as Clerkmanifesto 2.0.

Big news!

But first let's catch you up. Clerkmanifesto, where you are now, has gotten to be a little too small of a box for me. I have also had cause to worry about the support for its meager features. So, like a wee caterpillar, I have sewn it into a chrysalis and promised to make us an exciting, new, full featured, giant website. It will be so rich and full of content and wonders that it will REPLACE THE VERY INTERNET!

And it shall emerge from its metamorphosis as a DIFFERENT CATERPILLAR!

So the big news is...

The new website, Clerkmanifesto 2.0 (I swear I am mere hours from revealing its actual name) is, well, um, it's not that great. Wordpress, the ubiquitous web tool I am working with, is far less intuitive, easy to use, and flexible than I hoped. And I have always been, I'm afraid, an unhappy student. 



It is almost in full working order, almost.

The front door can almost be unlocked. Except it's not really unlocking, more like prying off the boards.

You see, this Clerkmanifesto 2.0 is like an old, ramshackle house, on a distant planet. Only it turns out to be on Earth, but it's in a slightly altered timeline from our own.

No, that's not quite it. 

Though "ramshackle" feels pretty accurate. "House" isn't bad either. "Altered" works as well. And you can explore it. There are a lot of rooms. Some are even curiously decorated. Occasionally you will find an old wardrobe, open it up, step through it, and find yourself in a field of wild flowers. 

But mostly you will just find yourself in another room.

"Wait. What room is this?" You will ask. "And why is everything crooked?"


So in the end it is kind of like Clerkmanifesto, but more twisty, and everything is kind of rusty, and it all works slower.

And we learn once again: We cannot escape ourselves, so we might as well lean into it.

I know, I'm pretty excited too.

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