Thursday, June 17, 2021

Phone trouble

Uh oh. I sure was on my phone a lot today! 

My phone journey started out with all the good things the magical smart phone brought to me and my worklife. How it improved my productivity. How it made me less angry at my job. How it made me embrace labor.

Isn't that how it always starts?

It ended with me obsessively photographing pictures in all our books and then standing over my phone doing intensive edits where I mash together two fictional worlds, or sometimes a fictional world and our own world. During this process I am lost to the Universe altogether. 

I come out of a deep and extended trance. A co-worker is nearby.

"Look" I say, showing them my new picture on my phone. "It's Gerald and Piggie on the plinth from The Lorax!"

"Oh." They reply.



Well, I thought it was two hours well spent!



  1. Wow, I'm getting an iPhone; it should arrive on Saturday. With it, will I too have the magical powers that you've demonstrated here?


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