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Now that the newer version of Clerkmanifesto, Life is a Fountain, is open for, not business, I guess, frolick?, I recommend reading today's post instead at Life is a Fountain

More particularly this following photo essay will feature on the Life is a Fountain Blog page, and will differ from this Clerkmanifesto blogpost mainly by having more pictures.

Why does it have more pictures? You ask.

I don't know. On the other hand the version over there doesn't have this super cool introduction, so it's all kind of a wash.


After three weeks of dry, wicked hot days, Summer came, and it rained and was cool. Strangely I have felt hot all day, as if my body is observing the Season, not the Temperature.

In between shelving and the other assorted library tasks that I performed in accordance with what I feel is appropriate for my job, I inserted fictional characters into my world. This curiously takes a lot of time on my phone, and sometimes it works better than others, but when I look at Charlie Brown standing behind the genre fiction area that I am shelving in I just get so... happy. And I feel like my world is a little different.

Here then are a handful of pictures from my work life today:

Hobbes of "Calvin and Hobbes" having a read of the draft of one of my blog posts while sitting on the rollers we use for deliveries from other branches.

Mark from "Doonesbury" standing at our service desk, musing on library work.

Snoopy riding our Check in Machine's conveyor belt, thinking about, well, I don't know what he's thinking about actually.

Gerald, of "Gerald and Piggy", who is usually pretty even tempered, getting cross in the Non Fiction section. Probably at something shelved incorrectly.

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