Thursday, September 30, 2021

The Promise


I suggested yesterday that more pictures of water and light were coming, where the water is light and the light is water.

That's what we have today.

The funny thing about these pictures is that when the light is beautiful, and I'm out squatting in the creek, contorted into position with my hand lamp and lens attachments, taking picture after picture, it seems like almost all of them should turn out well. But the alchemy of it all is peculiar and unpredictable, and I am only sort of a good photographer, and not a very good technical photographer, so just a handful of 180 pictures tends to come out like I want.

But when one does, I feel it in my stomach, like butterflies.

You will see that I have three pictures today. I stand confident of the first and the third of them. But I merely wanted to show you the second. I wasn't quite able to capture the strange, liquid metal of the water and the light on the Autumn creek there. I tried filming it too, and maybe some time I'll find a way to show this picture number two in motion, which maybe tells its story slightly better. 

On nearly all my pictures I am throwing every editing trick I can at them, and on the creek pictures I usually turn up the volume on the color anywhere from a little to a lot. But this second picture is exactly the color out of the camera, unedited, and the water where I took it was clean and clear and flowing. So whatever it is, outside of struggling to be in focus, that's just how it looked.

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