Sunday, October 24, 2021

Failing Fall again


I am off work at the library for eleven days, which is very nice. It is a bit of Birthday Vacation. I'm not going anywhere. I thought I'd just focus on hanging out with my lovely wife, eating interesting things, and enjoying the last sweet bits of my favorite season.

What's my favorite season?

This one!

I'll be sending out my daily posts as ever, through the eleven days, but I'll be taking a fairly casual approach to it, often posting out of clerkmanifesto here, as it's easier to access and format. Sometimes there might just be pictures, if that's how I'm feeling.

I am taking, as ever this time of year, many not entirely successful pictures of Autumn. Maybe it's not my fault. Maybe it's too beautiful a time of year to capture. 


I have no complaints about trying. Here are a few Fall pictures that try their best:

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