Saturday, October 23, 2021

Gabe's Birthday


Among the many holidays we celebrate here at this blog, which is called Life is a Fountain or Clerkmanifesto, depending on how everyone is feeling, is Grape's Birthday. Sometimes we celebrate Grape's Birthday by writing a moving essay about Grape (here: an example that could lead to more examples if you like), and sometimes, especially if we're not entirely sure where Grape is and if he's reading along, we just decorate the blog real pretty like, put out some cake, and tell Grape we love him.

This year we also sent Grape 57 postcards!


You have a lot of questions?

Would you like a FAQ on Grape's 57 postcards?


Grape's Birthday Postcards FAQ

Why did you choose 57 as a number of postcards?

No reason at all. It was an entirely random number for a person in his late fifties.

57 seems like a lot. Are you sure it wasn't more like twenty?


What kinds of things did you say in your 20-57 Postcards?

Mostly "Happy Birthday". Other than that it was an awful lot like this FAQ when it came to the content.

What can I do to have my birthday celebrated here every year?

I don't know. Ask?

How can I wish Grape a happy birthday?

Just your asking will be taken as wishes.

And now lets sing together. Everybody choose your favorite tune (don't worry, I'll take care of the royalties on the copyrighted lyrics):

Happy Birthday to Grape,

On this day in October,

We're so happy you're older, 

And not dead. So...

Happy Birthday to Grape!

Decorative seasonal picture follows:

1 comment:

  1. Very nice. Your welcome to celebrate my birthday with a seasonal picture, but by the time it rolls around again, we'll both have forgotten I said that.

    If memory serves, your faithful readers will owe you a greeting very soon.


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