Sunday, October 17, 2021

More escapist themes

More hard times in the library, looking for a way out.  

Today I am building staircases out of the library, or maybe they're not for leaving the library, but stairs that go up to a better library. I've always wanted to work in a better library.

I've had a lot of ideas for better libraries. 

Maybe these are just a couple more...


While I was writing this, and assembling pictures, a woman came up to the desk. She wanted to know "What's that book, I think during the Vietnam War, about a crazy rule they had?"

"That's a WWII book." I replied. "Catch 22, by Joseph Heller."

"Oh! That's it!" She cried. "Who's the author?"

"Joseph Heller. Heller. Do you want me to look it up and see if a copy is in?"

"No. I just wanted to text my son and tell him to read it. He's 17. He'll love it won't he? Any 17 year old would like it, right?"

"Only the ones who have noticed that there is something wrong with the world." I said.

"He'll like it." She replied.

How about this:

Here is a picture of me trying to find a way into the library:


  1. Now there is a stairway that just cries out to be explored. As opposed to a stairway that suggests that anything at the top will be sterile and boring. And maybe dangerous.


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