Monday, October 11, 2021

Request fulfilled unsatisfactorily


Dear Life is a Fountain or Clerkmanifesto or whatever the hell you are these days:

Lately I have been reading in this space an awful lot about you reorganizing your photographs. Perhaps you are writing about this so much lately because all you do all day is reorganize your photographs. 

You do you. 

I'll just nap for a bit.

But I was interested to hear that you deleted over 22,000 photographs. This gave me the impression that there were 22,000 photographs I had not seen. 22,000 incredible treasures from deep in your archives. 

That's a ton of photographs.

Can I see some?


Huge fan, never get enough content!

Beauregard Sheppard the Third

Dear Beau,

Thanks for your interest.

Here are the 22,000 photos you were interested in.

Oh no.


I deleted them!

I knew I'd need them some day! Why have I deleted them? Oh my god!

Let's see. What do I have?

Ah, here are three photographs I almost deleted because I had carefully retained 20 copies of them that were cropped or edited with minute variations.

Thank god I kept them!

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