Monday, October 25, 2021

Three more for the files


As we mentioned yesterday, I am on a little vacation from work, keeping my daily missives to you a little light and casual-like. My last day at work one of my dear and longtime colleagues said that she was looking forward to seeing what pictures I came up with on my time off, which was nice to say. It's always fun when my co-workers show an interest. I'm not sure I don't work harder on my pictures when I'm actually at work than I do when I'm home, but yes, I have a few more pictures for you to look at today, for good or ill.

I'm all hubris when it comes to writing and ideas, but with pictures, well, they're just pictures.

Amazing pictures!

Naw, they're alright sometimes.

Let's see what we've got then.

(I'm not really Sam):


  1. As to the second picture... If I were allowed to design a library, I would use that pond as part if the entrance to the children's area. Minneapolis Central has something like it but more modern and sterile. Yours beckons one to kneel down and look into the depths where there must be something dynamic and organic to reward the looking. Not fish; fish would be expected. It must be surprising, and I think you are just the person to figure out what it will be. And I'll come back to MN to see it. Let me know when it's ready.

    Oh, right. I forgot for a moment there...nobody has asked me to desig a library.

    1. I don't know, I was around some architects designing a 30 million dollar library and I'm pretty sure you've seen far more libraries than them, and thought more carefully about them as well.

      I'll get to work on the pond.

    2. There is an architect in my extended family...look for Her company does some amazing projects you might enjoy seeing. Outdoors of course.
      Yes, I've seen a lot of libraries. I'm sometimes surprised to think of some town, maybe Skaneateles, NY, and I can still get some images of bits of the local library. Not that I can do this "on demand,"--I surprise myself.
      BTW, to pronounce that town name, think of a thin book of maps.


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