Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Back to work


Nope, no pretty posts about old trees and steaming deer and the labor of a thousand men fading back into the ancient shores of the Mississippi. 

I am back at work. After five lovely days off, I am back at work.

I answer the phone.

"I am trying to send an email." A person on the phone begins without preamble. "And the computer keeps telling me that it can't be sent. I know I am putting in the address and it won't let me! I need to send this email!"

Taken aback, I gently try to get a grip on the situation. "So you need some help with your computer?"

"No I don't need help with my computer!" She snaps. I've exhausted her patience. "Can I talk with someone else?"

I transfer her on upstairs without argument. 

I guess my people skills grew rusty in my absence.

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