Thursday, November 18, 2021

Dental Work: The Review


I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that because this is a review of dental work it will probably be pretty funny.


Although there could be a few amusing bits. 

Why don't we see?

In the course of my family's semi annual teeth cleaning where they tell me what great teeth I have and how I'm doing such a good job taking care of them even though all I did is floss twice in the course of six months, me and my dental care team found that there was some "leakage" in the one filling I have had in the last 35 years.


I was feeling some dull, vague pain on occasion and this was the cause.

The Dentist, a fairly upbeat sort of person, said "No problem. We'll just pop in a new filling. It'll take 15 minutes.

I thought it might happen then, but no, we had to book it for two weeks hence. During the booking there was some uncertainty as to whether it was 15 minutes or 50 minutes. This is a natural confusion as they sound similar without quite having the fun of being homonyms, but instead just requiring a lot of clear enunciation and people saying "What?" a lot.

And so I spent two weeks worrying about the whole thing.

Worry, worry, worry, worry. I tended to focus a lot on the part where they insert a needle into my gum.

Finally the day came!

After the obligatory "chatting" portion of the visit, they started sticking things in my mouth. I appreciated that the needle part didn't come with any warning. It was simply very early on something painful was happening at the base of my gum. The sting of it persisted a bit and I was pretty sure there had been a needle stuck in there. Then things started feeling numb. Then I didn't feel anything at all, except, eventually, a bit tired from having my mouth open so much.

They did a ton of stuff on my tooth and stuck a ton of things in my mouth. But it all seemed very calm and brisk and competent.

Then it was over, which I liked quite a bit.

Which brings us to our review score. One would think that weeks of rising dread and the great relief I feel now would balance perfectly on the fulcrum of the 90 seconds of pain I felt. 

But I have found that dread, and relief, just like pain, and comfort, are whole worlds, entire unto themselves.

Seven out of ten.

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