Wednesday, November 17, 2021

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I can't help but note that we have become very holiday focused around here at clerkmanifesto. My Halloween pictures, for instance, went on for days! So when it comes to Christmas, the most culturally pronounced of all American holidays, I figured I should show a little restraint. 

We shall set the rule that Christmastime, The Holidays, and Winter itself, in any guise, do not in any way begin until after Thanksgiving. 

So when this guy came into the library this afternoon to collect his many, many requested books, in a sleigh no less, I kept my cool.

I did not ask for an autograph.

I did not start humming Vince Guaraldi songs.

I resisted cheer.

I simply said "I'm sorry. We don't allow pets in the building. Is that a service animal?"

"Ho ho ho." He replied.

"So that's a yes?" I asked.

I feel that I handled the whole thing pretty well. Although when he did finally leave, with all his books loaded into large velvet bags on his sleigh, I couldn't resist running to the upstairs windows to watch him go.

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