Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Current projects


One might think that after a 372 part photo essay of the navigation of Pike Island, followed by a, frankly, harrowing trip to the local zoo, clerkmanifesto would be exhausted. One might think we'd only have a trickle of energy for the daily essay and might be reduced to telling jokes that we heard recently and found brief and amusing.


A Priest, a Monk, and a Rabbit walk into a blood bank. The Rabbit says "I think I'm a Type-O."

But no, no jokes today. I'm onto the next thing. I recently realized that I have a few sandboxy computer games, more like visually interesting, open ended software toys, that I could maybe work into my photography pursuits. I'm just scratching the surface of these as yet, and who knows how deep they might go. I can only show you where I am now.

Here are the first few in this oeuvre:

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