Tuesday, January 11, 2022



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According to one definition aggrieved means:

Feeling resentment at having been unfairly treated.

And yet according to a second definition aggrieved means:

Having or showing a troubled or unhappy mind.

These are really interesting definitions! One is out there, so to speak. A feeling as a result of the actions of the exterior world. The other is internal, the result of one's own personal psychology. These are two very different things. 

And yet they are the same as well.

As a regularly aggrieved person I can say it is a conundrum. Is it my fault, or the world's?

I don't think being aggrieved is very good for me. So maybe it doesn't matter.

I would like to be less aggrieved. But let me ask you:

What does one do with an unfair world?

How about,

It's almost always the world's fault,

and then, for good or ill, it's our responsibility from there.


  1. Hey...I just read through some of your recent posts. Beautiful photography. As someone who does not like the cold, it was a pleasure to see how lovely it was on my computer. Anyway, I have a new joke! Are you ready to hear it? If so, here it goes....

    What do you call a person who loves cured pork, the extreme cold, and dancing?

    THINK THINK THINK .... and.......

    Kelvin Bacon


  2. OK, "Unknown"...
    I get that cured pork = bacon
    and Kelvin = extreme cold
    But what does dancing have to do with anything?

  3. Hello, Library Logger!

    "Footloose" :)


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