Saturday, January 8, 2022

Cold weather learning time


Yesterday I briefly discussed going for a walk in minus eleven temperature. Then I showed some pictures of pigeons.

Naturally people had questions!

The truth is that 98 percent of the population hears "eleven below" (or, for Celsius users, minus 23!) (or, for those wacky Kelvin folks, 249), and they're like, whoa, unreal! The other two percent are like, whatever, because eleven below is nothing compared to what they experience each winter. And what this means is


Can we just address the elephant in the room?

What is up with Kelvin?

Minus eleven is equivalent to 249 degrees Kelvin? 249 degrees?!

Well let me go read the Wikipedia on Kelvin and see what's up.

Wait here.

I'm sorry. I read a little and got too bored to understand... anything. I did learn that minus eleven is not equivalent to 249 degrees because in Kelvin they are not called degrees. However, I didn't read far enough to learn what they are other than degrees.

Oh, okay, FINE,

 I'll go back and find out. The four of you excellent people who come to clerkmanifesto should at least be able to learn something today!

Wait here.


Instead of degrees, they're called "kelvins", as in 249 kelvins.

It was 249 kelvins this morning.

I think I might be a Kelvin fan after all!

Okay, that's enough for today. My brain is full.


  1. When you run out of Kelvins you're at Absolute Zero...the temperature at which atoms and stuff can't move. Or something like that. I came pretty close to flunking chemistry.

    1. No, no, that's helpful, and even that phrasing about running out of Kelvins is delightful! I am a complete Kelvin Konvert!


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