Monday, January 24, 2022

Moon over city


I am reluctant to say that I have made a study of my local Saint Minneapolis skyline. It sounds pretentious. But if I have to be pretentious I guess I have to be pretentious because


And when I spotted a rare moon in the area of the skyline I knew I had to jump on it and take a million pictures.

I jumped on the moon. 

The true fact of the matter is that from a distance, and then zoomed in, and then incorporating the skyline in the frame, one ends up with a pretty puny moon. 

An insignificant moon.

The moon does not appreciate being insignificant. 

So I applied all my nefarious photographic tricks to fix that. And let me tell you, once the door opens to the moon, and people start jumping around on it, everything is fair game.

So I have employed my craziest filters, I made buildings taller, I went crazy with the moon, howling, and clawing, and running naked in the night.

And I think it turned out all right.

Although my tongue feels funny.

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