Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Nine views of the city


Weather and other mitigating factors haven't sent me out much to photograph the real world. So if you have been following along here you have been seeing a lot of what I'll call "Indoor Photography"; cartoon characters and spaceships and giraffes in libraries. Tomorrow I will be going out on a photography walk, so we might see a brief respite from that soon. But along the way of this past month I have managed to capture some views of my city, so irresistible is it this time of year, at it's most resplendent in the dawn and dusk, with the low sun of Winter, and the extreme cold swathing it in its own steam.

These nine pictures of Downtown are from a variety of days and times of day. Working on them in my editing process I pulled and pushed and distorted them to get the feel right, but I left the most extreme of those in my computer folders. These below, as outlandish as a few might be, really are the more fair and honest views of Saint Minneapolis, crazy with glass and metal in the burning cold, brilliant clear in the super hard light of December.


  1. When you said "downtown" I was concerned that you'd be looking for the ugly corners. I should have know better; that would not be your style at all.


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