Monday, January 31, 2022

Olympic Teams


Yesterday, in the process of articulating the Winter Olympic betting pool I am running here at my library, I articulated how I have been crafting bespoke Olympic Teams for the participants. It is here where my penchant for embellishment expresses itself.

I have created teams of underdogs, teams where winning is everything, and teams where silver and bronze are especially valuable. I have created teams of teams, teams that are identical for two different players, and teams where instead of winning money one wins chocolate. There are teams where a person has at least almost one sure winner and teams where there are no sure winners but everyone has a pretty good shot. Each of these teams I have attempted to balance for similar odds so as to accord no overall advantage at the outset. And when I go home from work today I will have to come up with some more of these teams.

I am playing too, but I have yet to choose a team. I am thinking of taking a middle of the road sort of team, one with some mild favorites and some mild longshots. Then we can follow along here because why not? Team Clerkmanifesto!

And if we at team clerkmanifesto win we will use the money to, I don't know, put it in my pocket? Or maybe I'll use it to fix the groaning fan on my computer. The stuff dreams are made of!

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