Wednesday, January 26, 2022



We're almost there with the technology.

It is minus 11 degrees out, and icy. I'm not going outside if I can help it.

This presents some problems. But the two main ones I can see are:

1. How do I get exercise?

2. How do I partake of my nature photography hobby?

For the first we bought a treadmill. It works. I like it. And it is very, very, very boring, which explains the metaphorical use of "treadmill" in our lexicon.

For the second, I go out into video games and instead of stabbing and shooting people (sometimes), I take nature pictures.

Here are some more examples of that one:

I have one of those VR things you strap to your face, and it is very impressive. One can get into some very interesting environments, though none yet so well realized as those above. The dream, of course, is being able to walk on an omni directional treadmill in an environment like this above. It's not quite all there yet, but I feel it would be a fairly complete solution to the Winter problem.

Although Winter may disappear altogether, so it could be a wash.

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