Sunday, January 23, 2022

Turkey sandwich

With all these great pictures of turkeys, cleanly backdropped against overexposed streets and yards of white white snow, it seemed a fabulous opportunity to enjoy some photo trickery. I thought I could put some of my turkeys into my video games, or maybe a few other environments, and these pictures would come out great.

I tried it.

Then I tried it some more.

It didn't work out too well.

But if I am honest the difference between my artistic triumphs here, and my artistic failures, ends up shockingly thin. Think of a wall, made of stone, in a country field. Standing at the wall I divide my successes and failures to each side of the wall. It is a huge difference! It is very important to me and to clerkmanifesto, and I spend a lot of time at the wall.

But there are no people around. The few sheep dining locally aren't particularly interested. 

A plane passes over at 40,000 feet. Someone looks out the window.

"Is that a wall down there?" They wonder.

A super intelligent alien in a distant galaxy looks into the sky with their 11 eyes.

"Przapt vonk(*&rer xxxx77xx11xz j**  💆💘👅❤✋   .gkbvjriaorug48q?" They sub-vocalize softly to their local fligit.

Which explains why I am showing you these pictures. 

They almost maybe sorta worked out but didn't quite.

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