Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Views of Saint Minneapolis


While I have been working as steadily as ever on my range of photography projects, most of them have yet to pay out. They still might, but I've been bringing more hints of my efforts here and showing hopes for things to come, rather than reveling in my absolute triumphs.

However, one avenue of my picture taking has been coming out particularly well. Not all that many days ago I showed a collection of the downtown pictures I have been steadily taking, and already now I have another bulging stack of Saint Minneapolis pictures. At this time of year the skyline lights up so brilliantly in both the prodigious dawn and lengthy dusk of Winter that even pictures of much the same thing, over and over, are producing varied and interesting effects.

As usual, the best thing to do here is probably to choose the three best and just show those, but I couldn't. It's hopeless. I like all of these in their own ways. And so instead today I have thirteen pictures.


  1. Wow...those are textured and moody and more than moody. From my ignorance of wold-weather places, can I assume that most of the white it steam? Or is it cloud?

    1. All steam! In the deep cold it can be enough to swath the downtown in a coat of fog.

  2. The first few are scary...they make it look as if downtown is on fire!


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