Friday, February 25, 2022

Things about things about things


I have become very fond of the video essay format, and watch a lot of them. They are usually somewhat personal in their presentation, but nevertheless primarily about their thoughtful subject matter, whether that be in science, or politics, or philosophy, or travel, or, perhaps most of all, in the arts. I learn a lot from these essays. I learn so much from them that my brain is just bursting with knowledge. It's so packed in there now that if I try and share any of it it usually comes out too hard, being under all that pressure, and invariably puts out someone's eye.

So usually I try to keep it all to myself and exude wisdom in an enigmatic sort of way.

"Gosh, that guy sure seems like he knows a lot!"

I do! But I dare not share it with anyone!

I currently found a video essayist called "Story Street". He does long, affectionate analysis of movies and video games. Right now I am watching his three part series about The Planet of the Apes trilogy of movies from the early twenty-tens.

These are fantastic movies!

In addition to their groundbreaking use of motion capture, their Shakespearean storytelling, and their profound attention to character and emotion, they are simply beautiful. They tell the story of an ape named Cesar (played magnificently by Andy Serkis), an ape who was part of an experiment in augmenting intelligence, who bonds with a human father who, ultimately, fails him. We pass through his heartbreaks, his journey from self hatred to self acceptance, his rebellion, and his embrace and leadership of his own kind. We see his failures, tragedies, and triumphs.

I could talk about these wonderful movies for hours, except I would simply be saying all the stuff I heard in these marvelously put together "Story Street" essays.

Although one day I may watch these movies and have something to add of my own.

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