Wednesday, February 9, 2022

What my co-workers like


Sometimes I don't know what my co-workers like. Even, in some of my darker times at the library, I don't even know if they like me.

Lately I have been running an Olympic Betting Pool. I have now handed out all of my 27 bespoke teams to 27 different co-workers. I have collected 20 dollars from almost each of those people and am waiting, perhaps with some just starting to fray patience, on the last of those twenties. Nevertheless I am already sitting on nearly 500 big ones! All for the Olympics!

So when I go into the library I expect to be able to chatter quite a bit about Nathan Chen's astounding short program, or how maybe the USA Women's goalie might fall short against Canada. Or about Beat Feuz and, obviously, about the Slovenian Women Ski Jumpers.

You'd think I'd be able to talk about the Slovenian Women Ski Jumpers!!!!

But no. Hardly anyone has seen the Olympics. Even though 27 of these co-workers are betting a cool twenty big ones on various outcomes.

So people let me chatter for a bit on the Olympics, but after four or five seconds I feel their attention wander. 

Their perspective on the four or five seconds may be different.

"You don't want to talk about Curling?" I ask plaintively.

So why, I ask, are all my co-workers paying cold hard cash to take part in the Olympics if they don't love the Olympics? 

I think they might all be dangerously crazy about gambling.

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