Friday, March 4, 2022

The Copse Week FAQ


Since the announcement of Copse Week people probably had a lot of questions, like "Wait, what's a copse again?" and "I wonder if turtle shells are like really elaborate fingernails?"

And so before we fully launch into the wonder and folly of Copse Week I wanted to answer the Internet's pressing questions about the very nature of Copse Week.

The Copse Week FAQ

Why does copse week give me weird Halloween flashbacks?

Seriously? Do I have to apologize for Corpse Week again? 


We at clerkmanifesto sincerely regret last October's Corpse Week and would like to assure everyone that it will not be coming back again this Autumn in any form or under any name.

What is a copse again?

Oh my god! That's totally one of the questions I anticipated in my opening paragraph here! This is so awesome! I'm so glad you asked. This is exactly why I decided to have a FAQ in the first place!

What is the difference between a copse of trees and a grove of trees?

Wow! Amazing question! A grove is a small forest, whereas a copse is a thicket.

What is the difference between a copse of trees and a thicket?

A thicket is like a bunch of trees or shrubs. A copse is more like a spinney.

Wow. Do you think you'll ever have a Spinney Week?

I'd like to, but I'm a bit nervous about all the attention that would bring to my little blog here.

Is there any question you wished we asked?

Yes. I would have liked someone to enquire about Coppices?

Me too.

But on the bright side I think this feeling of wistfulness is appropriate to the nature and feeling that copses evoke in us all.

Will there be a copse picture today?

Yes. Just one. And keep in mind as the pictures of copses unfurl this week, these are all pictures of the same copse.

The same copse! I really like this copse.

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