Friday, May 13, 2022

Fashion at the mall

I do not, as a rule, have the commitment, discipline, persistence, and bankroll to dress with the panache I might ideally like. Nevertheless I do keep a lookout for items of attire that would suit my ultimate sensibilities in the sartorial sense. And though items I love come far and few between, I do, every few years, find a coat (usually) or an ensemble that captivates me. I have bought silk smoking jackets, Italian scarves, Japanese baseball jerseys, velvet coats, vividly vertically striped shirts, and long yellow raincoats that have been entirely worth it to me. And many of these items I yet retain. And when I am out at a mall I am ever keeping an eye out for another of these pleasures.

I almost never find them.

What I do sometimes find though, are older men, sitting around while their wives and daughters shop, who are dressed exactly as I would like to dress. I look around the mall for their clothes, but absolutely do not find them. I think they are dressed in clothes acquired in another country, or possibly from another time period. Perhaps they make them themselves?

I will never know. I am too shy to ask.


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