Saturday, August 27, 2022

Clerkmanifesto is now organic!

Good news clerkmanifesto readers! Our certification has come in. We are now a certified organic blog. While it has been years since we used pesticides and synthetics here at clerkmanifesto, and we have always been committed to a healthy approach to blog posts, we are now officially organic. You can trust in healthy, natural, antibiotic and chemical fertilizer free writing here, as guaranteed by the full faith of the USDA!

Wait, you haven't been organic? I thought you were always organic.

No, we have been transitional here while the writing steroids we used to produce our early, muscular prose worked their way out of our system.

Is clerkmanifesto safe to eat then?

No, I think you are confused. That makes no sense. However, clerkmanifesto is fully inflatable in the event of a water landing.

Chemical fertilizers? So do you actually use fertilizers to produce clerkmanifesto?

This awkward. But. Yes. Clerkmanifesto, much like hallucinogenic mushrooms, are grown from, well, shit.



And the Unicorns eat...?


So what did the Unicorns eat before their, um, you know what, was organic?


I recently came across an old clerkmanifesto blogpost, from before it was organic or probably even transitional. Can I get cancer?

Oh no, that's not possible. The worst that could happen is that you come down with a case of stripes. Or you might start sneezing clover, which, if it's four-leaf, can even be more of a plus than a minus.

It must have been expensive to get organic certification. Can I help in any way?

N thnks. nlss, hmm, f y hv ny spr vwls?


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