Friday, August 26, 2022

Clerkmanifesto lite!


Welcome to Clerkmanifesto lite!

Fewer words!

Shorter sentences!

Simpler ideas!

More fun per post!

Lss vwls!

Thank you for trying our lighter, more digestible, Clerkmanifesto lite! Use Clerkmanifesto lite whenever your computer is feeling clogged! Use it when you need a quick dose of Internet goodness without all the complications!

Easy to use!

Easy to understand!

And easier than ever to forget!

Rbgh free!

All natural!

Omit uncommon letters from your reading!

Packed with 47 times more exclamation marks than other leading blogs!

Consult it constantly for continuous consonance!

Recommended for overly bright people!

Four servings per package!

*Not always safe for dog owners. Not to be consumed more than 14 times a week or five times in a single sitting. Consult your spirit animal to make sure it's right for you!*

*Spirit animal provided upon request thanks to a grant from Rhamnousia, the Greek God of Geese.*

*Your spirit animal may be a goose, but it has no connection to our sponsor.

Caution: May cause silliness. Not for the twee sensitive. Processed in a facility that has both nuts and vigorously pollinating flowers.

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