Saturday, August 6, 2022

Expletive cars


While recently perusing the "fuckcars" subreddit, a subreddit hostile to cars and concerned at how much worse they make life for everyone, I came across a post discussing Salt Lake City's large scale reduction of speed limits to 20 MPH in order to save the life of children. As usual with this sort of positive, but almost certainly tepid and uncommitted city movement, the fuck cars subreddit (an unfortunate subreddit name, since despite the salt of its name it is about as civil as any other subreddit, which is to say not that civil) sliced and diced the Salt Lake City action with some people going along the lines of "don't let the perfect be the enemy of good", and some people claiming that without traffic calming street design this paltry speed limit reduction will be largely ineffective.

It was then that a solution hit me.

And let me just say, that for all of reddit's lack of civility, this is the kind of solution one never sees.

But I'm going to show you what a working solution looks like.

Are you ready?

Summary executions for speeding.

Summary executions for speeding!

That's right. If you go more than 20 MPH you will be pulled over and shot.

Too extreme?


You ask:

 "Would you drive the speed limit all the time if you could be shot for exceeding it?"

No. I'm not crazy

I'd never get in a car again.

Fuck cars.


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