Monday, August 1, 2022

Five pictures to take care of all my vacation problems


I'm going off to unplug in Duluth!

So naturally I have to put together a week's worth of blog posts ahead of time.

"I know." I say to myself. "I'll spend the morning making pictures and produce my week's worth of content that way!"

"Brilliant!" I respond favorably to myself.

Then I make pictures for several hours.

I like five of them.

I put them all into this blog post.

Uh oh.


  1. What happened? Since forever I've been receiving a link to clerkmanifesto in my gmail. And then it stopped. I think it stopped back in July, I will have to hunt. And then I will have to catch up and that will take a while... But fear not, I WILL catch up one of these days.

    Unless you booted me out and are irritated that I came back. In that case, toughj: I will still catch up.

    1. Ach, no! You are not only a treasured member of the clerkmanifesto community. Indeed, you are a significant proportion of it! Blogger stopped supporting the device that sends the automatic blogposts out, so I made a much vaunted attempt to switch to my own website, Life is a Fountain, but it ended up being complicated and no one ever hardly went to it, so I retreated to clerkmanifesto.

      But now, sadly, I think the email system is starting to fail for many people, if not everyone.

      There may be no solution but to come to, but I mash it all around in my head for awhile.


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