Monday, August 15, 2022

Summer reading adventure chapter four: first attempt!


So, they legalized certain marijuana edibles in my state, just a nibble around the edges of full legalization. Intrigued by this, I bought a couple of different kinds of edible gummies when I was on vacation, and today, my first day off work since my return home, I'm experimenting.

I'm on drugs!!!!!!

I know what you're thinking: "Hmm. But he seems about the same as ever."

Seems that way to me too.

In the morning just after breakfast I took a 5 milligram gummi of Delta 9 thc. That's the stuff that gets you high. It was a pretty modest dose. It also had a lot of cbd oil (also derived from hemp but not psychoactive) which can somewhat inhibit the brain's uptake of thc. After two hours nothing had happened. Then I felt a susurration of pleasant heaviness. I would describe myself as barely high and kinda cozy. Also my back didn't hurt, which it usually does, partly because I think I was a little bit less tense than I usually am. Was it like I remembered being high was, back in my smoking youth? No, it was as much like being gently toasted on a medium to large glass of wine as any of that, but it was very nice.

Anyway, all of this didn't last too long, maybe a couple hours where I could really say I felt it.

So a bit less than an hour ago I took another brand of 5 mg gummi, this one without, as far as I can tell, any cbd in it.

I am so high!!!

No, just kidding. I am really not sure if I could write anything here if I were really high. 

I'm figuring since the first gummi took a couple hours to have an effect I have a bit more time to go here to see if anything much kicks in. Once upon a time Grape and I took dangerous amounts of Peyote in a beautiful natural area for bats in a bit of canyon near Grape's parents' house. We gave up after a couple hours that it would ever have any effect, and then we went bowling.

At which point we went out of our minds. 

It was a little intense and a something of a waste, washing us up in our respective parent's homes later in the evening to let us just burn it all off.  Grape did see a sepulchral figure on the side of the road while my brother drove us through some canyons before that though.

It is now exactly an hour since I took the second gummi. 

I will say this: It isn't much like in those Hunter S. Thompson novels, I mean memoirs, where he sees giant lizard people gulping down cocktails in lurid Las Vegas bars.

"Wait," You say. "While we wait for the giant lizard people to kick in, and for you to be unable to write, why don't you give us the fourth part of your summer reading adventure where you talk about the books you read, or the ones you skimmed and tossed aside on your vacation. We so enjoyed, for instance, your discussion of the book Wilding!"

"Great idea." I reply. "But I might get high at any moment so I'm leery of starting in on it." I pause, thinking. "You seem to be doing an increasing amount of heavy lifting on this blogpost though. Do you think maybe you could write part four of my posts about my vacation reading? You're very good with words!"

"Really? Thank you!" You say, blushing slightly at the unexpected compliment. "I could try. Let me consult my notes."

There is a long pause. 

You don't realize that you are on the air. 

And we are just waiting for your response.

I gesticulate to get your attention:


"Oh. Sorry." You say. "I didn't realize that this all happened in real time." You look down at some papers. "Can I get back to you tomorrow?"

"Absolutely." I say positively. 

It turns out that I am pretty sure this is a long enough blog post as is.

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