Saturday, August 20, 2022

Summer reading super excitement fun fun possibly part six


Dear Clerkmanifesto,

I feel you aren't applying yourself to your blogpost titles with a suitable vigor. Today's title is particularly lackluster.

My suggestion is that you change the title to something like:

"Summer reading super excitement fun fun possibly part six"

This would not only inform readers about the content to expect, but it would also provide a sense of merriment, soulfulness, and joy to the proceedings.

With all due respect,

A Regular Reader

Dear Regular Reader,

If you will consult the title of this post you will note that we have fixed it according to your suggestion. Thank you for your most useful input!


Here are the next two, actually penultimate, books in our summer vacation reading review:

Ivy Aberdeen's Letter to the World by Ashley Herring Blake

The Empty Grave by Jonathan Stroud

Ivy Aberdeen is regular, non genre fiction, which is a genre I rarely read. But, BUT, it is written for 12 year olds, so we're good to go here. 

I read the whole thing!

When you were a kid, and first reading real books, did you have that sense of pride, accomplishment, and self satisfaction when you actually read a full, real life book?

I did.

I'm surprised to find I sort of still do.

I read the whole book! I should win something!

How about I win...

A free blog post where I can talk about it.

The book was about a middle school girl who loses her house in a tornado, goes through some crappy times with her distracted family, finds out she maybe likes girls, not boys, finds out she definitely likes girls not boys, and one in particularly at that. She realizes her longtime friend is actually really her friend and that the girl she likes isn't really sure about the whole "girlfriend" thing. Ivy becomes a bit of a better person. Her situation improves even if it isn't a super happy ending or anything.

Maybe this is why I don't read regular fiction?

It was actually mildly good though.

Empty Grave is the fifth and last book in one of my favorite series in the history of letters: Lockwood and Company. I have read the stuffing, no the binding out of these books and would not have bought this paperback copy in Duluth except for one reason:

This printing included a bonus Lockwood short story in it!!!

So I read that. 

I really liked it. It made me almost sad how much I liked it. Maybe because of how soon it was over.

Which, coincidentally, so is this blogpost.

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