Sunday, August 14, 2022

The final part of the library desk retrospective


Here, finally, is the last of my retrospective pictures of people (and other... things?) at the desks of my library. This grouping is a bit smaller than the first three. I won't reiterate what sparked this retrospective as I feel that was only interesting enough to tell you about it three times. Four would simply be too much.

I will say something I didn't in the presentation of the first three collections, and that is what I think these pictures are: They are the library coming to life and being expressed by the secret myriad worlds that give it its reason for being. But it is presented in a way consistent with the feel of how it is to be in my library just as it is.

I hope you have enjoyed this retrospective review. It is nice for me to have the hundred or so of these specific kinds of pictures that worked out well all neatened up and organized. This in itself might inspire future retrospectives, but that is for another time.

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