Monday, August 29, 2022

The weather


I was feeling too cantankerous to write about anything. Politics were once again infuriating me. My computer fans are making insane noises and nothing on the face of the earth will apparently allow me to simply turn the fans off! I have a tooth problem that is taking forever to resolve. And one of my soccer teams put in a frustrating performance this afternoon. 

Also it has been three days since I wrote a good blog post.

So what on earth could I civilly and sensibly write about?


I figured I'd better just talk about the weather today.

Today it was muggy and surprisingly warm. 

As I poured sweat and tried to clear my glasses of their persistent fog so that I could see, I told myself:

 "Appreciate any shreds of Summer because soon you will be ruing the ice slathered ground that will last for a bitter and treacherous six months!"

Apparently I am not in an appreciative mood. It didn't work. 

I decided I'd better not write about the weather either.

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