Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Your very first blogpost!


Where we last left it I was possibly going to be too stoned to write my blogpost and so you were going to do it for me!

"Me?" You say, surprised to be singled out when you thought you were sitting here anonymously on the Internet.

Yes. The Internet is a collaborative venture, even if this is an ethos that we all seem to have long ago forgot, allowing giant corporations to colonize our brains and destroy the world!

"Whoa." You say. "Easy on there. I mean, you do sound like you could use a break. I can maybe do a blogpost if you need it that much."

Thanks. I am not actually stoned, but I do feel strangely feverish.

"I don't want to catch covid." You say. "Do you have covid? Should you be on the Internet if you have covid?"

It's not transmissible online.

"Oh, right." You say. 

Unlike hate and corporate propaganda!

"Whoa, whoa. I'll take over from here." You say.

"Hello?" You venture uncertainly.

"Is anybody there?"


"Gulp." You add.

It's not as easy as you thought? Right?

"No. It wasn't." You say. 

You did really well anyway.

"I did?" You ask, blushing in delighted surprise. "Really?"

Yes, I enjoyed it.

"Did you even like the part where I ventured uncertainly?"

It was a triumph!

"Wow!" You say softly. 

You could really grow to like it here.

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