Tuesday, September 6, 2022

75 percent of all days


I like to put it this way:

75 percent of all days I go to see my dentist. 

Three out of four dentists recommend!

No, I kid, I don't think my dentist recommends going to see him 75% of the time. 

My dentist is very nice, and for various reasons has slotted me in on an "in five minutes" basis quite a bit lately. 

I have learned a lot about my dentist because we go to visit him, like, all the time lately.

Well, not all the time, just 75% of the time.

"Whoa!" You may ask. "What is going on with your teeth?"

First of all, it's really just one tooth.

Second of all, it's not that interesting.

Not that I usually allow that to stop me around here.

So I'll tell you this:

Sitting quietly, enjoying my foodless lunch break at my job at the library, quietly running my tongue over the temporary crown on one of my upper right teeth, if I close my eyes I see...

the ceiling of my dentist's office.

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