Wednesday, September 7, 2022

A drink for nobody but me


Usually I like things I can recommend to everyone!

But here is my favorite afternoon beverage. It's really good, and though I can't imagine most people not liking it, I can't imagine anyone liking it either. 

It doesn't sound like it's good. Not even to me. And I love it.

"How do I love this drink?" I ask myself as I drink it. I do not have an answer. And yet it is strange and distinctly lovable. It reminds of the best qualities of an old fashioned soda fountain, the promise of it, the strange, sweet confluence of fizzing, charged, reinvented flavors, all combined in the drink I didn't know I was always looking for in every new coffee shop I've wandered into on a midafternoon day.

Maybe this is too much preview for a drink no one else in the world will ever try.

So I will just tell you how to make the drink- which has no name because it is humble and without vanity. And you will never make it and I don't advise it anyway, but you'll have read it, which is nearly the same thing.

You put in a third of a glass of concentrated cold pressed coffee. You add a real vigorous lashing of maple syrup, like, it should be a bit too sweet at this point. Then you put in some whole milk. You should probably be at about half a glass now. Give it a good stir. Add a cube or two of ice if your ingredients weren't super chilled, but it's better to just have really cold ingredients to start with. It this was a cooking blog I probably would have mentioned that first. Now you need a can of black cherry-flavored sparkling water. I prefer the Waterloo brand and actually don't know any other brands with this flavor. So there.

Pour in this sparkling water to fill up the glass.

Take a sip.

Yes, it actually should taste like a cherry candy coffee phosphate. I know that doesn't sound right.

But it is.

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