Thursday, September 15, 2022

Copyright violation, or, is it theft if you steal something stolen?


Hey, we're no stranger to copyright violation around here. I violate copyright like a one-man China! Except I don't get any money for it. And no one is ripped off. And I bring only enlightenment through my actions. And my reasons are for good instead of evil. 

Otherwise, totally the same.

But what goes around comes around. So I will relate a story from yesterday at the library.

Dan will be named. The other character in our recounting shall be known as "K".

The Democratic Socialists of America were using our big meeting room all afternoon. They needed a lot of help, which fell, mostly by chance, to K. Towards the end of the day, as we neared closing, the Socialists' meeting had broken up, but K was growing concerned, aye agitated even, because the Socialists were still hanging around in groups, chatting.

I said to K, "If we are going to invite Socialists into our library, I suppose we'll have to expect that they will socialize."  

Yes, barely funny. I'm not sure it is even supposed to be comedy exactly, but bear with me.

K totted off to further check on the Socialists and maybe urge them along, and to check on the front desk, which K was currently officially stationed at, along with Dan.

I was taking care of a couple closing things with the big check in machine when Dan wandered back to me with a look on his face like he had something clever to say.

I inquired.

He said "I guess if we have a bunch of Socialists here, we shouldn't be surprised when they socialize."

I exclaimed "Great minds think alike! I just made that joke a few minutes ago to K!" 

He replied sheepishly, "Oh, well I just actually stole that joke from them."


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