Saturday, September 17, 2022


I am managing to collect so many pictures without a computer that it is a challenge to manage them all. I have figured out how to use my camera's wifi system though, and so I can now send pictures from my "good" camera over to my phone. So I've been editing a lot of these, and becoming increasingly obsessed with my growing battery of editing filters. Unfortunately, and I'm not complaining exactly, it is a long process to select and get pictures here into a blog post, so as my collection grows I am now thinking about how to present them in this space

What I propose (and I suppose it is a treat of clerkmanifesto that it has never had any dissenters from my proposals) is that I will, over the course of the next little while, present little groups of these photographs. As my pictures are largely strung out individually in my email account, these series may be held together on flimsy pretexts. But I'll do what I can to present coherent sets.

And so this first one is from a section of wildland featured here before, running on the east side of the Mississippi River, called Crosby Farm Park. This good sized set of woods and marshland is one of the most popular places I go, but its size and backtrails are usually big enough to allow me some solitude. These are among the older (a couple weeks maybe?) pictures I'm showing, and so have a bit of variety in which heavy editing filters sometimes show up, and sometimes don't, and sometimes fictionist characters make an appearance as well. 

Hopefully there will be a few pictures you'll enjoy.

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