Thursday, September 29, 2022

Harriet Alexander, the first pictures


I took my pictures and I dropped off my first roll of film at the drugstore to get developed. Now I have just gotten back the first set of photos from The Harriet Alexander Nature Center, which is a small parkland near here, where very nice wood paths wind through the marshes.

Actually, I didn't have any film. And I didn't drop it at the drugstore for developing. 

It was all digital.

But do you remember taking film in? And waiting to pick up the prints? 

I do.

I feel zero nostalgia about it. I kind of hated it. My first reaction to seeing my (costly!) prints was always, always disappointment! 

Then I would adjust.

Now I just start out adjusted.

I have a lot more pictures from these lovely black swamps, but here is the first sample:

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